PHP-CPP Enterprise Edition

PHP-CPP is a free C++ library for developing PHP extensions. It is free to use for everyone. For professional users however, PHP-CPP also offers an Enterprise Edition that will ensure that you'll get the best support possible.

Why go Enterprise?

Although PHP-CPP is an opensource project and usage of the library is free (and will always stay free), Enterprise users have some advantages over other users:

  • Bug fixes: Priority for submitted bugs. Guaranteed fix or workaround.
  • Backwards compatibility: Compatibility guaranteed for PHP version 5.3 and up. Until 5 years after support for older PHP versions expires.
  • Future compatibility: Compatibility guaranteed for future PHP versions, no longer than 3 months after release of new PHP version.
  • Support: Receive training and consultancy. Support for any issues you run into.

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Interested in using the PHP-CPP Enterprise Edition? Send an email to, or give us a call at +31 (0)20 520 61 90 . PHP-CPP is a project by Copernica Marketing Software.

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